Original Riffs - DAEAC#E - New Song Idea #7 (Emo Summer Song)

Original Riffs – DAEAC#E – New Song Idea #7 (Emo Summer Song) – Pagalworld

DAEAC#E instead of FACGCE for once. Actually working on lyrics/melody for this one so it’ll turn into a real song hopefully lol. Jorts sseason baby.

TABS: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1xZ_MyKckV5w6Ix-v7Bx9peZGBDfQifJO
INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/stairwaytokevin/
BANDCAMP: https://northernflickerptbo.bandcamp.com/
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/513f1d0FI5waR4FsWMjtq5
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  1. It's fucking crazy man, I love this so much and I told myself ah ill learn it in a bit. Watched another math rock lesson video, this guy was playing in this beautiful tuning on fret 6. I tune up, play his little licks and chords, come back to this video a bit later and realise its the exact same tuning and fret. Theres something special about this man

  2. Cool man, learned this from your tabs – im 6 months into guitar and these little rif/idea videos make it easier to pick up my guitar randomly and just play a little jam like this for muscle memory/technique while still being challenging as a rook.

  3. Love your riffs dude how do you come up with chords for this tuning? I love it but I struggle to write my own stuff because I have no idea what a chord shape looks like outside of standard!

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