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Verse 1
I stand in reverence of Your glory
Words fail to capture all You’ve shown me
I’ll ever sing my love for You

Verse 2
Oh, I’ve tasted
I’ll tell the world of what I tasted
Your goodness towards me won’t be wasted
I’ll ever sing my love for You

Chorus 1
Oh oh
Oh my God
Look what You’ve done
Oh oh
Oh my God
Look what You’ve done

Verse 3
I cry with angels You are holy
Your grace towards me makes me worthy
I’ll ever sing my love for You

Bridge 1
You make the mountains crumble
Silence the roaring thunder
You are the God of wonders
Oh my God

Bridge 2
You calm the ocean’s waves
Snatch power from the grave
You’re always making ways
Oh my God

Bridge 3
You took the keys to hell
Rose and You conquered death
You tore away the veil
Oh my God

Chorus 2
Oh oh
Oh my God
That’s who You are
Oh oh
Oh my God
That’s what You’ve done

Alt Chorus
Oh oh
Oh my God
That’s who You are
Oh oh
Oh my God
That’s what You’ve done

#Worship #Gospel #TashaCobbsLeonard

Section Titles:
0:00 – Performance
5:54 – Song Story
12:21 – Credits

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  1. He is a God of wonders indeed💕.
    I stand in reverence of His Glory.
    Let me always tell the 🌎 of what I have tasted.
    OH MY GOD❣️.

    You're Holy, your grace towards me makes me worthy💕

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      God said that in the end days He was going to send a famine for hearing His words in Amos 8:11, and in 2nd Thessalonians 2 He said that the Antichrist would perform lying signs and wonders that would even deceive the very elect if possible. These have both occured, but less than 1% know it!

      For eyes to see the most important thing that's happened in two thousand years, simply click on my Lion and Lamb icon 👈 👀 and watch the films in the playlist marked PROOF OF BIBLE CHANGE.

      God bless you all!!!  ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  3. OMG
    Song by Tasha Cobbs Leonard // New Song Cafe

    He just keeps blowing my mind
    Few years ago we started social media
    And you have all these little abbreviations
    And one of them is OMG
    Somebody say OMG (OMG)
    You used that when something is just mindblowing or
    There's something you never thought off or
    Um, something you just, it's hard to wrap your mind around
    That something is Jesus
    That just, everytime you think you can grasp
    The fullness of who He is, He's, He does something else to blow your mind
    And it makes you go, oh my God
    Look what you've done
    Anybody just been in that place where
    God just done something exceeding abundantly
    Above all you can ask, you're thinking it makes you go
    OMG, look what you have done
    Right where you are
    I just need to get start thinking about those things
    That God has done in your life
    That you couldn't expect
    That you couldn't ask for
    That you did not know to pray for
    And God doesn't
    Just in a nick of time and you just go
    Oh my God
    Look what you've done

  4. Mic was a tad hot… Ahmayzin talent and message… Very expressive voice a blessing unto us all… Bless you for this testimony… I'll be needing to cover this✝️❤️🗽

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